Directed by Tony Glazer

Screenplay by Tyler Hollinger & Christian Keiber

A Bro-mantic comedy about two lifeguards who, when confronted with the end of summer, are forced to make adult decisions such as: What is the meaning of life? What makes a good Speedo? And, are those clams safe to eat?


Every summer Sam & Murphy sit atop the lifeguard-stand pondering their future however, this summer is different. Sam is finally going to win back his childhood sweetheart and change his life for the better. Murphy is finally going to overcome his fear of the water and solidify his place as a leader among guards. A host of other hilarious beach characters come and go in this fast paced season. These long days of summer seem endless and our duo is faced with the reality that life is moving forward whether they want it to or not. This is the summer that changes everything for better or for worse. What happens when the summer of YOUR life comes to an end?

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